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About us

We are a German/English speaking guild that has fun in a relaxed atmosphere of players of all levels.  We concentrate on raids, but are active in all aspects of the game.

First and foremost:

  1. Have fun and/but play fair.

  2. Respect others in the guild - in chat, during raids, etc.

  3. Please donate and participate in the Guild activities

  • We all count on the donations from other players.

  • We even donate items that we may need for our own characters, but on which we are not actively cultivating

  • Through your participation in the Guild activities the guild earns tokens with which we can start raids.  When we have enough tokens, we also run lower tier raids for the developing players!  Please participate 

   4. Read the in-game chat! 

  • We communicate a lot through the in-game chat.

  • If you don’t read the chat, you may miss important instructions which could result in being kicked out of the guild

  • Chat language is english, but many speak German as well

  • If your english is not strong enough to understand us, please let us know! We will help

  • It is not necessary to actively participate in the chat if that’s not who you are, but not reading and not following our rules can get you bumped.

  • We do however expect a response when you are directly spoken to.

The Guild Leadership reserves the right to remove members from the Guild, who dont follow the raid rules, who are playing unfairly, are disrespectful to others, have inappropriate names or generally are not playing as part of the team. 

This Web Site

We are trying to keep it simple to minimize maintenance, but we have the following pages

These are aways available  via the links above the Stormtrooper

About Raiders  / Über Raiders

Raid Rules    / Raidregeln

         Reference  /  Nachschlagen

Join us in Slack!

Slack ( is a chat and messenger app available on-line.
in iOS, on Android, and as Windows app.  

register with the Raiders of the lost Boss team here! (opens a new tab)

Sign in to web app here!

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